Book Reviews

Following are two recent reviews of the book Michigan Ice Hockey by members of Michigan’s Dekers Blue Line Club. The reviews were featured in the December 2010 issue of the club’s official newsletter, Inside the Goal Crease. For more information on the Dekers Club, please visit

BOOK REVIEWS: Michigan Ice Hockey – Celebrating the All-Time Greats and Most Memorable Moments (136 pages)

This is a must have for any Michigan hockey fan and especially any fan interested in the evolution of college hockey’s winningest program. Fabulous historical pictures along with some of the best action photos I have ever seen from Yost. This book is a very easy to read presentation of the facts…nothing but the facts.  — Reviewed by Jim Keough


Michigan Ice Hockey is a book that I wish was around when I moved up here 5 years ago and attended my first college hockey game. Nelson describes the stories behind the program as well as little factoids he dubs “Ice Chips.” Opposite the text are amazing photographs of players, coaches and Yost. This book is a must for those new to the Michigan hockey experience and a great addition to anyone’s Michigan library. Reviewed by Bernadette Skodack


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